AMEDAMA to Be Showcased at “INDIE Live Expo” Streaming Worldwide on May 25th at 1AM (PDT)! Alongside the Event, a Special Steam Sale Featuring AMEDAMA and Three Other Titles!

INDIE Live Expo Sale: Up to 30%! Even Greater Savings with Two Bundle Options!”

TOKYO – May 25, 2024 – IzanagiGames, Inc. (located in Koto-ku, Tokyo, and led by CEO/Producer Shinsuke Umeda) has announced that AMEDAMA will be showcased at the “INDIE Live Expo 2024.5.25,” an indie game live broadcast event streamed worldwide in Japanese, Chinese, English, and Korean starting tomorrow, May 25, at 1 AM (PDT). AMEDAMA is a side-scrolling, soul-shifting sandbox action adventure game being developed in conjunction with ACQUIRE Corp. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and led by President Takuma Endo)—the company behind titles such as What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord? and Way of the Samurai.
Additionally, in conjunction with the event, a special Steam sale will feature AMEDAMA, Yurukill: The Calumniation Games, World’s End Club, and Death Come True.

INDIE Live Expo 2024.5.25
This is an information program introducing the latest in indie games.
Featuring over 100 titles across various segments, covering both released and unreleased games.
Date and Time: May 25, 2024 (Saturday)  1 AM  (PDT)
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Limited-time sale on Steam!
From now until May 31st (PDT), we will be holding a sale featuring all four titles.
*Sale start/end dates are based on the timezone of your region’s storefront.

TitleDiscountSteam Store URL
AMEDAMA20% off
Yurukill: The Calumniation Games30% off
World’s End Club30% off
Death Come True30% off

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AMEDAMA is a brand new side-scrolling, soul-shifting sandbox action adventure game from ACQUIRE and IzanagiGames, featuring character design from lack (Fate/Grand Order, Touken Ranbu), and music from Yuko Komiyama (Monster Hunter series). AMEDAMA’s historical Japanese setting is brought to life with a striking pixel-art style.

Yushin and his sister Yui run the local umbrella shop. One evening, as rain falls outside, a group of men burst in, killing Yushin before Yui’s eyes. With nothing but his soul remaining, Yushin must fight tooth and nail, possessing any body he can on the quest to find his sister and uncover the truth behind her disappearance. With only seven days left before his soul fades away, can he save her in time? Transport yourself to feudal Japan in the last years of the Edo period, and experience a tale of rain, possession, and reincarnation, brought to life with striking new 2D visuals.

・AMEDAMA on Steam®:
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Stay tuned for further updates and announcements on the official AMEDAMA X account and the Steam store.

Profile: lack
Illustrator. lack’s portfolio spans from trading card game illustrations to character designs for Okada Izo (Fate/Grand Order), Sétanta (Fate/Grand Order Arcade), Ichimonji Norimune (Touken Ranbu), and MAGLAM LORD.
Official site:
Official X (formerly Twitter) account:

Profile: Yuko Komiyama
Composer and arranger. While at Capcom, Yuko worked as a composer and music director on the Monster Hunter and Mega Man X series before starting her freelance career in 2012. She has since composed tracks for Monster Hunter: World and its expansion, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, in addition to working on arrangements for Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster, and other titles. Yuko also creates music for commercials and anime series such as Cube-Shaped Pokémon on Cubie Island?!.

Game Details
Genre: Side-scrolling, soul-shifting sandbox action adventure
Development / Marketing: IzanagiGames
Planning: ACQUIRE
Character design: lack (Fate/Grand Order, Touken Ranbu)
Soundtrack: Yuko Komiyama (Monster Hunter series)
Early Access starting date: March 22, 2024 (PDT)
Subtitles: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Scheduled Platforms: Steam® (*Support for additional platforms planned)
Players: Single-player 
Early Access Price: 24.99 USD
Copyright notice: ©️ IzanagiGames, Inc. & ACQUIRE Corp. All Rights Reserved.

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Founded in 1994, and specializing in consumer game and system development, ACQUIRE has established a reputation for its sandbox titles offering branching narratives and a high degree of player autonomy.

The company is well-known for Tenchu, along with an eclectic range of series, including Octopath Traveler, Way of the Samurai and Way of the Ninja, What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord?, AKIBA’S TRIP, Class of Heroes, and more.

Taking originality and eccentricity as guiding principles from day one, ACQUIRE produces unconventional titles that defy categorization, cementing itself as a brand always in pursuit of novelty. The company continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the entertainment industry.

・ACQUIRE’s official website:
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About IzanagiGames
IzanagiGames is headquartered in Koto-ku, Tokyo. The company produces interactive entertainment experiences, with a focus on console games, and is geared towards directly accessing the global games market with titles made in collaboration with Japanese creators. By expanding the company’s range of fund procurement, IzanagiGames aims to provide opportunities for exceptional creators to make new IPs and games which are then delivered as entertainment experiences to fans across the world. 

IzanagiGames has released titles including Death Come True, World’s End Club, and Yurukill: The Calumniation Games on a variety of different platforms worldwide. In 2023, the company has released DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate – Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch™, and will release the side-scrolling, soul-shifting sandbox action adventure game AMEDAMA on Steam®. Dark Auction: Hitler’s Estate, the latest mystery adventure from Rika Suzuki is due for release in 2025.

The company has also entered into the webtoon market and founded its own webtoon studio, Tsukuyomi. The studio’s first vertical scrolling, full color manga series “Level 9999: Interdimensional Bakumatsu Brigade,” launched on LINE Manga and ebookjapan on August 27, 2023.

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