Calling all freelancers; register today!

As we seek to deliver original IPs worldwide, we're working to produce a whole range of entertainment, from games, to manga (webtoons).

As these areas of our business continue to grow, we're looking for partners (freelancers and sole proprietors) to join us on our journey.
All available projects will either be from IzanagiGames or one of our studios.



We're currently looking for 2D artists, 3D artists, and engineers to join us as partners.
By signing up to the Izanagi Professional Bank, you will receive notifications about projects tailored to your expectations, expertise, and experience.

  • 2D

    Webtoon production and game illustration.

  • 2D

    Modeling, effects and motion production—primarily for games.

  • 2D

    Programming—primarily for games.


  • ご登録


    Start by filling out the registration form and sending it to us.
    Anyone can register, and you can specify your preferred place of work.
    *The form allows you to share portfolios and examples of past work, so make sure to prepare in advance.
    *Registrants must be 18 or over.

  • 案件ご紹介

    Project Notifications

    You will be notified about available projects that match your skills and conditions.
    *Please note, project availability is not guaranteed.

  • ご契約

    Contractual Agreements

    The contract takes the form of a Service Agreement.
    You will also be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

  • 制作・納品

    Production & Delivery

    When you start work on the project, Izanagi staff will be available to quickly respond to any questions you might have.
    *Please note, payment will be processed the following month (to the bank account specified).

If you have any further inquiries about Izanagi Professional Bank, please get in touch via the button below.