Announcing December 8 (JST) pre-release livestream event for Episode II of IzanagiGames and MyDearest’s VR adventure game DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate! Tickets now on sale!

The event will feature Shoya Chiba—voice of the game’s protagonist Hal Scion—and Yu Serizawa, who voices Airi Clover!

IzanagiGames, Inc. (located in Koto-ku, Tokyo, and led by CEO/Producer Shinsuke Umeda) and MyDearest Inc. (based in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, led by CEO Kento Kishigami) have announced a joint livestream event to celebrate the release of Episode II of the VR investigation game DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate (henceforth DYSCHRONIA: CA), due out on December 9 (JST). The pre-release event will be broadcast live on December 8 (JST) at LOFT HEAVEN in Shibuya, Tokyo.

■ Join Shoya Chiba and Yu Serizawa for an “Emergency Meeting”!

Pre-release livestream event for DYSCHRONIA: CA Episode II – The Eleventh Hour – confirmed!

Following on from the dramatic events of Episode I, Episode II is set to take an even more perilous turn… Steel yourself for the challenge ahead at this Emergency Meeting.

The event will feature Shoya Chiba—voice of the game’s protagonist Hal Scion—and Yu Serizawa, who voices Airi Clover! 

Furthermore, DYSCHRONIA: CA director Ao Matsuoka, along with executive producers Kento Kishigami and Shinsuke Umeda will take to the stage as they discuss some of the highlights of Episode II!

■ The event will feature an exclusive reveal of a brand new song by YuNi—the artist responsible for the episode theme songs, plus a live script read by some of the VA cast!

Here is just a taste of what is planned for the event!

  • ・Japan-first reveal of YuNi’s Episode II theme song
  • *Please note this will be a video presentation, not a live performance.
  • ・Exclusive live script read by Shoya Chiba and Yu Serizawa
  • ・Exclusive autograph lottery—win an autograph from Shoya Chiba, Yu Serizawa, and YuNi!
  • ・Hear the developers discuss some of Episode II’s highlights
  • ・Behind-the-scenes discussion about the making of Episode I & II

■ Accepting submissions for the event!

The two guest voice actors will be trying their hand at the “counseling” protagonist Hal Scion is tasked with as part of his Supervisor duties. Send in your worries and troubles and have Shoya Chiba and Yu Serizawa solve your problems—just as if you were a resident of Astrum Close!

Submissions can be sent via the form below (Japanese only):

■ Ticket Details

[Ticket Sale Period]

11/22/2022 (Tue) 18:00 (JST)– (Limited availability / sold on a first come, first served basis)

Ticket Sales:

Premium Ticket – 9,900 JPY (inc. tax) [Comes with event-exclusive merchandise + stagefront seats]

  • ・Stagefront seats in rows 1 or 2
  • ・Event-exclusive t-shirt
  • ・Lanyard
  • ・Event pass
  • ・Tin badge (Set of 2)
  • ・Commemorative coin
  • ・2 event lottery tickets

Deluxe Ticket – 7,500 JPY (inc. tax)

  • ・Seats in one of the middle rows
  • ・Event-exclusive t-shirt
  • ・Lanyard
  • ・Event pass
  • ・1 event lottery ticket

Standard Ticket – 3,900 JPY (inc. tax) 

  • ・Standard seating
  • ・Lanyard
  • ・Event pass
  • ・1 event lottery ticket

Online Ticket – 5,900 JPY (inc. tax) [Special online viewing ticket]

  • ・Event-exclusive t-shirt
  • ・Lanyard
  • ・Event pass

*The venue operates a one drink minimum policy. Please order either a standard drink (600 JPY) or a drink with a special sleeve (1,000 JPY).

*The lottery tickets included with some of the ticket tiers are for use in the venue-exclusive autograph lottery. Three lucky winners will each receive an autograph from either Shoya Chiba, Yu Serizawa, or YuNi.

*Part of the event will be streamed for free. Online ticket purchasers will be able to enjoy the event in its entirety. Please note that the venue-exclusive program (including the lottery draw) will not be streamed.

■ Event Overview

DYSCHRONIA: CA Episode II – The Eleventh Hour – Pre-Release “Emergency Meeting”

Date: 12/8/2022 (JST) – Doors: 19:15 / Venue-exclusive program start: 19:45 / Event start: 20:00

Venue: LOFT HEAVEN, Shibuya, Tokyo

Venue Access:

Featuring: Shoya Chiba (Hal Scion), Yu Serizawa (Airi Clover), YuNi (episode theme song artist) , Kento Kishigami (Executive Producer), Shinsuke Umeda (Executive Producer), Ao Matsuoka (Director / Original Work / Scenario)

About DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate

The story unfolds in a marine city of the distant future, where the crime rate is just 0.001%. As Supervisor Hal Scion, your mission is to solve an unprecedented, theoretically impossible murder. 

With your left hand, use your special ability to dive into the owners’ memories lingering in the items you find. Explore a city steeped in mystery and uncover the truth at the heart of the case. Brand new VR adventure game DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate allows you to step into a breathtaking cinematic world, and experience an epic story like no other.

◆ Game Overview

  • Title: DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate
  • Platforms: Meta Quest 2 (VR) / Nintendo Switch (Non-VR) 
  • Developer/Publisher: IzanagiGames, Inc./ MyDearest Inc.
  • Genre: VR investigation adventure (VR) / Cinematic investigation adventure (Non-VR)
  • Single Player
  • Release dates for Meta Quest 2 version (VR):
  • Episode I – False Awakening – September 23, 2022 (JST)
  • Episode II – The Eleventh Hour – December 9, 2022 (JST)
  • Copyright notice: ©Project DYSCHRONIA.
  • Pricing:
  • Episode I – False Awakening – 2,208 JPY (inc. tax)
  • Episode II – The Eleventh Hour – 1,490 JPY (inc. tax)
  • *The Meta Quest 2 version of this game is episodic, and comprises 3 episodes in total.
  • DYSCHRONIA: CA Official website:
  • DYSCHRONIA: CA Official Twitter: 
  • Chronos Universe Official Twitter:  
  • Chronos Universe Official YouTube channel: 
  • Chronos Universe Official Discord server “Chronos Haven”: 

◆ About MyDearest

MyDearest Inc. is a VR startup specializing in planning and development. The company released Tokyo Chronos in 2019 and ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos in 2020. The team comprises creators from a whole range of backgrounds including music, programming, and design. Kazuma Miki, CEO of Straight Edge Inc.—well known as the editor responsible for the Sword Art Online light novel—also collaborates with the company as an adviser.

・MyDearest official website:

・MyDearest official Twitter account:

◆ About IzanagiGames

IzanagiGames is headquartered in Koto-ku, Tokyo. The company produces interactive entertainment experiences, with a focus on console games, and is geared towards directly accessing the global games market with titles made in collaboration with Japanese creators. By expanding the company’s range of fund procurement, IzanagiGames aims to provide opportunities for exceptional creators to make new IPs and games which are then delivered as entertainment experiences to fans across the world. IzanagiGames has released titles including Death Come True, World’s End Club, and Yurukill: The Calumniation Games on a variety of different platforms worldwide.

・IzanagiGames official website:

・IzanagiGames official Twitter account:

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