Yurukill: The Calumniation Games Gameplay Video and Still Image Upload Guidelines

Gameplay videos of Yurukill: The Calumniation Games—released by Izanagi Games, Inc.—may be used in accordance with the following guidelines.

To ensure that as many users as possible can enjoy their game experience, we prohibit the following section of the game from being uploaded. Uploading content from this section in the form of videos, still images, etc., is prohibited.

Prohibited Section: from Chapter 7 of the Main Story until the ending

1. Gameplay videos may be uploaded to video-sharing sites, and/or your personal, non-commercial blog, website, or social media page. In the case the game console being used is itself capable of sharing gameplay footage, this functionality may be used to post gameplay videos.

2. We ask that users refrain from uploading gameplay videos that do not feature added creative value in the form of commentary and/or review segments. Users may not extract specific elements (movies, music, audio, design) from the game and reappropriate them for use in content unrelated to this game, nor may they redistribute said elements as assets. However, this does not apply to the aforementioned sharing of game footage using the functionality of the game console itself.

3. IzanagiGames, Inc. or the appropriate party will be the sole rights holder for gameplay videos. When posting Yurukill: The Calumniation Games gameplay videos, please display the below copyright notation.

 © IzanagiGames, Inc.

4. IzanagiGames is not permitted to make use of user-created gameplay videos as official promotional material.

5. Use of gameplay videos is only permitted for personal, non-commercial purposes. The only exceptions to this are financial gain resulting from the user being an affiliated partner of a particular service which enables monetization, and/or earnings accrued as a result of voluntary contributions from third parties.

6. Out of respect toward other users, in the event that a gameplay video contains key scenes from the game, we ask that creators include a spoiler warning and refrain from including potential spoilers in the video thumbnail. In addition, we ask that creators refrain from sharing any spoilers in review segments or comments outside the gameplay video itself.

7. Posting gameplay videos is prohibited under the following conditions:Including scenes from the aforementioned prohibited section

・Showing the use of cheats, exploits and/or unauthorized practices, gameplay achieved by means not permitted by IzanagiGames, and/or encouraging said conduct

・Editing and/or modifying footage in such a manner that the game’s content is no longer recognizable

・Violating IzanagiGames’ and/or third parties’ intellectual property rights, and/or encouraging said conduct

・Including defamatory, discriminatory, and/or obscene language, illegal conduct, promoting religious and/or political affiliations, violent conduct, and/or any other conduct that runs counter to public order and morals

・Including any other acts, portrayals, or depictions that IzanagiGames deems inappropriate

8. Corporate entities are not permitted to use Yurukill: The Calumniation Games gameplay videos without prior consent. In the event you wish to use gameplay videos for commercial purposes, please contact IzanagiGames.

9. Please note that in the event a gameplay video causes trouble and/or results in a dispute, IzanagiGames will not be held accountable.

10. Should we find that these guidelines are not being followed, we may request the removal of the offending content and/or take appropriate measures as necessary. Furthermore, in the event that a content removal request is lodged at IzanagiGames’ discretion, users are expected to comply.

11. Irrespective of whether these guidelines are being followed, IzanagiGames will not grant licenses to users on an individual basis.

12. These guidelines will be updated as necessary. We ask that users remain up to date regarding our latest guidelines.