Death Come True (デスカムトゥルー) の主題歌、「神様、僕は気づいてしまった」の新曲タイトルが「インナーサークル」、配信リリースが6月24日に決定したことを発表!Death Come True officially announces the title of the theme song performed by “Kami-sama, I have noticed.” The track is called “Inner Circle” and will be available to stream from June 24!

【Death Come True】(デスカムトゥルー) の主題歌、「神様、僕は気づいてしまった」の新曲タイトルが「インナーサークル」であること、また配信リリースが【Death Come True】(デスカムトゥルー) の発売日の1日前にあたる6月24日であることを発表致しました!

It has been officially announced that the title of the theme song for Death Come True, performed by “Kami-sama, I have noticed,” is “Inner Circle”. The song will be available for download from June 24, one day before the release date of Death Come True!


株式会社イザナギゲームズ(東京都江東区、プロデューサー兼CEO 梅田慎介)は、「神様、僕は気づいてしまった」が担当する、ダンガンロンパシリーズの小高和剛シナリオ&ディレクションの新作実写ムービーゲーム【Death Come True】(デスカムトゥルー)の新曲タイトルが「インナーサークル」であること、また配信リリース日が、2020年6月24日に決定されたことを発表致しました。

IzanagiGames, Inc. (located in Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan, and led by CEO/Producer Shinsuke Umeda) has announced that the title of the Death Come True theme song, performed by “Kami-sama, I have noticed”, is “Inner Circle”. The song will begin streaming on June 24, 2020. Death Come True is a new FMV game written and directed by Kazutaka Kodaka, creator of the Danganronpa series.











2016年11月に始動したロックバンド『神様、僕は気づいてしまった』。そのメッセージ性を持った歌詞や独特の世界観、特徴ある歌声、楽曲の完成度が注目され、TBS系 火曜ドラマ「あなたのことはそれほど」主題歌に異例の大抜擢!2017年5月31日(水)にこの楽曲を収録したデビューシングルを、名門レーベルAtlantic Japanより発売。オリコン週間ランキング初登場10位を獲得した。そして、2017年7月26日(水)バンド名と同タイトルであり、3曲の大型タイアップ曲を含む全7曲収録の1st ミニアルバム「神様、僕は気づいてしまった」を発売。こちらの作品もオリコン週間ランキング初登場9位を獲得し、「LINE MUSIC 2017 年間ランキング」の「新人ランキング」に「CQCQ」がトップ5入りを果たした。

◆ “Kami-sama, I have noticed” Profile

The rock band “Kami-sama, I have noticed” was formed in November 2016. The band’s message-laden lyrics, unique world view, distinctive vocals, and uncompromising song quality has caught the attention of many. The fact that their song was selected as a theme song for the TBS Tuesday drama series “I Love You Just a Little Bit” is a perfect example of their exceptional achievements!

On May 31, 2017, their debut single containing that song was released on the prestigious music label Atlantic Japan. The song reached the top ten in the Oricon Charts. They soon followed with a self-titled mini album “Kami-sama, I have noticed”, released on July 26, 2017, containing a total of seven songs, including three major collab songs. This release hit ninth place in the Oricon weekly chart, and the song “CQCQ” reached the top five in the LINE MUSIC 2017 Annual Ranking – Newcomer chart.

2017年8月19日(土)には、初ライブアクトとして、異例のSUMMER SONIC 2017 RAINBOW STAGEに初出演!同年12月31日には、COUNTDOWN JAPAN 17/18 COSMO STAGEに出演。両公演とも入場規制がかかるほどの盛り上がりを見せた。

For their first live show, they made an unprecedented appearance on the SUMMER SONIC 2017 RAINBOW STAGE on August 19, 2017! Later that year, on December 31, they appeared on the COSMO STAGE at COUNTDOWN JAPAN 17/18. Both performances generated such a buzz that some restrictions had to be made to limit entry.

2018年秋公開の波瑠、西島秀俊主演の映画「オズランド 笑顔の魔法おしえます。」の挿入歌も2曲提供し、さらに、2018年7月20日から放送された金曜8時のドラマ「警視庁ゼロ係〜生活安全課なんでも相談室~ THIRD SEASON」主題歌にも抜擢された。満を持して1st Full Album「20XX」(トゥオーダブルエックス)を2019年5月15日(水)に発売し、初ワンマンライブツアーとなる、1st Tour “From 20XX”を東京、名古屋、大阪で開催し、全公演チケットSOLD OUTにて終了!20周年を迎えたSUMMER SONIC 2019に3年連続での出演を果たした。2019年11月9日(土)には横浜アリーナで行われたバズリズムLIVE2019に初登場を果たした。


The band released two background tracks for the movie, “Oz Land,” which premiered in fall 2018 and stars Haru and Hidetoshi Nishijima. They also created the theme song for the third season of “Keishicho Zero Gakari,” which aired on Fridays at 8:00 pm from July 20, 2018.

The band’s much-awaited first full length album, “20XX” was released on May 15, 2019. After that they went on their first solo live tour, “From 20XX,” performing in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. The tickets for every show were all sold out! “Kami-sama, I have noticed” performed for the third consecutive year at SUMMER SONIC 2019, which was celebrating its 20th anniversary. On November 9, 2019, the band made their first appearance at Buzz Rhythm LIVE 2019, which was held in Yokohama Arena.


The band’s new song “Namae No Nai Ao” has been confirmed as the ending theme for NHK General TV anime  “Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!” which started airing from January 2020.



タイトル/【Death Come True】(デスカムトゥルー)



対応プラットフォーム/Nintendo Switch™、iOS®、Android™ (PS4®、Steam®は発売日が決定次第追って発表)




主題歌/ 「インナーサークル」神様、僕は気づいてしまった


◆Death Come True Product Summary

Title – Death Come True

Release date – June 25, 2020

Retail price – 1,960 JPY

Supported platforms – Nintendo Switch™ iOS® Android™(Release date for PS4® and Steam® to be announced separately once details have been finalized) 

Scenario writer/director – Kazutaka Kodaka

Producer – Shinsuke Umeda

Production/Publication – IzanagiGames

Theme song – “Inner Circle” by “Kami-sama, I have noticed”

・デスカムトゥルー(Death Come True)公式Twitterアカウント

・Death Come True official Twitter account


・デスカムトゥルー(Death Come True)公式Webサイト

・Death Come True official website









◆Kazutaka Kodaka’s Profile

Director, scenario writer, CEO of TooKyo Games. Handled all planning and writing for the Danganronpa series. The series also had live drama (with Kanata Hongo as the lead actor) and anime adaptations that were met with critical acclaim, both domestically and internationally. He then founded TooKyo games together with Kotaro Uchikoshi, Rui Komatsuzaki, and Masafumi Takada. He is now actively working on manga, anime production, novel writing, and more.




◆About IzanagiGames

IzanagiGames is headquartered in Koto-ku, Tokyo and is focused on directly accessing the global games market with titles made in collaboration with Japanese creators. By expanding the company’s range of fund procurement, IzanagiGames aims to provide opportunities for exceptional creators to make new IPs and games which are then delivered as entertainment experiences to the gaming masses.



・IzanagiGames’ official website



・IzanagiGames’ official twitter account



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