Death Come Trueの六人目の出演者は佐藤二朗!Jiro Sato is Announced as the Sixth Cast Member!《Death Come True》公布第六位演员为佐藤二朗!


Following the announcement of actors Kanata Hongo Chiaki Kuriyama, Win Morisaki, Yuki Kaji, and Chihiro Yamamoto comes the announcement of Jiro Sato, taking the role of the news anchor, Kenichi Mino!

继本乡秦多,栗山千明,森崎温,梶裕贵,以及山本千寻的公布之后,《Death Come True》公布佐藤二朗为游戏中的晚间新闻主播,Kenichi Mino


ダンガンロンパシリーズの小高和剛氏が手がける本格実写ゲーム【Death Come True】(デスカムトゥルー)のニュースキャスター【ミノウケンイチ】役を演じるのは佐藤二朗!

Jiro Sato  will be acting the role of Kenichi Mino, a news anchor in Death Come True, the new FMV project from the Danganronpa series creator, Kazutaka Kodaka.

佐藤二朗将扮演《Death Come True》中的晚间新闻主播。《Death Come True》是由《弹丸论破》系列创造者小高和刚编剧和导演的一款全动态影像游戏。


株式会社イザナギゲームズ東京都中央区 プロデューサー兼CEO 梅田慎介)は、ダンガンロンパシリーズの小高和剛シナリオ&ディレクションの新作実写ムービーゲーム【Death Come True】(デスカムトゥルー)にニュースキャスター【ミノウケンイチ】役として、佐藤二朗が出演することを発表致しました。

IzanagiGames, Inc. (located in Tokyo, Japan and led by CEO Shinsuke Umeda) officially announced that Jiro Sato would be acting the role of Kenichi Mino, a news anchor in Death Come True. The game is a full motion video game written and directed by Kazutaka Kodaka, creator of the Danganronpa series.

IzanagiGames(位于东京市,CEO为梅田慎介)正式公布,佐藤二朗将扮演《Death Come True》中的晚间新闻主播,Kenichi Mino。该游戏是由《弹丸论破》系列创造者小高和刚编剧和导演的一款全动态影像游戏。



舞台は、とあるホテル。主人公、カラキマコト(本郷奏多)は連続殺人事件の犯人として指名手配されている。しかし男 には一切の記憶がない。そんな状況の中、男には死ぬと「タイムリープ」して過去に戻る不思議な能力がある。犯人として、追われながら、男は誰を信じて、誰を疑う?そして、自分自身の本当の正体とは?選択と死を繰り返しながら、男は 真実を目指す。

◆Project Overview

The story takes place in a hotel. The main character, Makoto Karaki (Kanata Hongo) is a wanted serial killer. However, he has lost all of his memories. Under such circumstances, when he dies, he has a mysterious ability to “time leap” and return to the past. As he’s being chased as a criminal, who can he trust? Who should he be wary of? What is his true identity? The man searches to find the truth as he repeats decisions and death.


故事背景为主角 Makoto Karaki 在某家酒店里醒来。他是一位连环杀人案的通缉犯,而且没有任何记忆。在这种情况下,他拥有神秘的“死亡回潮”能力,通过死亡可以回到过去。他该相信谁?该怀疑谁?他到底是谁?主角在反复的死亡和重生中追寻着真相。



夕方帯番組の司会を務める人気ニュースキャスター。 人当たりの良さと、自由奔放なトークでお茶の間を虜にするが… とある理由から、ホテルを訪れる。

◆Character Introduction

A popular news anchor who is the host of a daily evening news program. His good character and carefree way of talking captivates the audience watching from home, but… it seems he has a reason to be visiting this hotel.




















◆Comments from Jiro Sato

It is really a new endeavor to combine a movie and a game as this project has done this time. However, with regards to the “acting” part of this project, I performed with the same feelings as I would when shooting a normal movie or drama.

The finished product will be exciting.

I hope that everyone will enjoy it on a variety of platforms.








1969年5月7日生まれ。愛知県出身。 近年の主な出演映画は『宮本から君へ』『ザ・ファブル』『50回目のファーストキス』など多数。 本年は、新日曜ドラマ「シロでもクロでもない世界で、パンダは笑う。」(1月12日より放送)に出演。 大ヒット漫画原作で話題を集める映画『ヲタクに恋は難しい』(2020年2月27日)や、 原作・脚本・監督・出演を務めた映画『はるヲうるひと』(2020年)の公開を控える。

◆Cast Profile

Jiro Sato

Born on May 7, 1969 in Aichi Prefecture. He has appeared in multiple movies in recent years, including From Miyamoto to You, The Fable, and 50 First Kisses.

This year, he will be appearing in the new Sunday drama series, “A Panda Laughs in a World that is Neither Black nor White.” The show will be airing from January 12, 2020.

Jiro will also be appearing in 2 more upcoming movies: Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku (February 27, 2020), based on the hit manga series, as well as Brothers in Brothel (2020), an original work by Jiro for which he wrote the screenplay, will be directing, and will also be performing as an actor.






タイトル/【Death Come True】(デスカムトゥルー)





◆Product Summary

Title – Death Come True

Scheduled release – 2020

Scenario writer/director – Kazutaka Kodaka

Producer – Shinsuke Umeda

Production – IzanagiGames


游戏名:《Death Come True》






◆デスカムトゥルー(Death Come True)について


◆About Death Come True

The most unique thing about this project is that it’s “interactive content” that combines movie and game elements. The game’s story will unfold according to decisions made by the player which then can result in multiple different endings, making it an exciting new work. The lead actor is Kanata Hongo, writing and game direction is by Kazutaka Kodaka, and the producer is IzanagiGames’ CEO, Shinsuke Umeda. Information will also continue to be updated on the official Twitter account.

◆关于《Death Come True》

这个项目最独特的地方是在于它结合电影和游戏元素的“互动内容”。 游戏的故事将根据玩家的选择展开,然后可能会导致不同的结局,从而使其成为一个很令人兴奋的新作品。主演演员为本乡秦多,负责游戏的剧本和导演为小高和刚,制作人为IzanagiGames的CEO梅田慎介。游戏的情报将于在官方的推特账号不断地发表。


・デスカムトゥルー(Death Come True)公式Twitterアカウント

・Death Come True official Twitter account

・《Death Come True》官方推特: 


◆デスカムトゥルー(Death Come True)公式Webサイト

◆Death Come True official website

◆《Death Come True》官方网站: 





ダンガンロンパシリーズすべての企画、シナリオを手がける。シリーズ作品はそれぞれ舞台化(本郷奏多主演)、アニメ化 され、国内外から高い評価を得る。

その後、打越鋼太郎、小松崎類、高田雅史らと共にトゥーキョーゲームスを設立。 漫画、アニメ原作、小説執筆など精力的に活動を行う。

◆Kazutaka Kodaka’s Profile

Director, scenario writer

CEO of Tookyo Games

Handled all planning and writing for the Danganronpa series. The series also had live drama (with Kanata Hongo as the lead actor) and anime adaptions to critical acclaim, both domestically and internationally.

He then founded Tookyo games together with Kotaro Uchikoshi, Zakirui Komatsu, and Masafumi Takada. He is now actively working on manga, anime production, novel writing, and more.


导演,编剧,Tookyo Games的CEO。

小高和刚曾负责《弹丸论破》系列所有的企划和编剧。该系列还进行了现场戏剧和动漫改编,获得了国内外的好评。然后小高和刚,打越钢太郎,小松崎类,和高田雅史四个人一起创办了Too Kyo Games。小高现在正积极从事做漫画,动漫制作,小说写作等工作。




◆About IzanagiGames

IzanagiGames is headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo and is focused on directly accessing the global games market with titles made by Japanese creators. By expanding the company’s range of fund procurement, IzanagiGames aims to provide opportunities for exceptional creators to make new IPs and games which are then delivered as entertainment experiences to the gaming masses.





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・IzanagiGames Official Twitter:

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