週刊ファミ通にデスマーチクラブが掲載されました。Death March Club article to be published in Weekly Famitsu.


An article about Death March Club to be published in the October 18, 2018 issue of Weekly Famitsu.


The article will introduce details about Death March Club along with an in-depth interview with the creators. The interview contains comments from Too Kyo Games’ Kazutaka Kodaka (Danganronpa series) and Kotaro Uchikoshi (Zero Escape series), Yukio Futatsugi (Panzer Dragoon series), as well as IzanagiGames’ CEO and producer of Death March Club, Shinsuke Umeda.


Below is a quick summary of some of the article’s key points.


小高氏と打越氏が手掛ける “最後のデスゲーム”!?

The last death game from Kodaka and Uchikoshi-san!?


「小高と組むなら、ファンの方もデスゲームを求めているでしょうし、 僕自身、もう一度デスゲームを作りたかったんです。」しかし、小高氏によると、デスマーチクラブは彼らが最後のデスゲームになるそうです。「本作は僕らが手掛ける最後のデスゲームになる予定です。」今回の作品では、小高氏はデスゲームジャンルに特別な要素が含まれていると言いました。「ただ、デスゲームと聞いてイメージするものとは、ちょっと違う作品になっている と思います。全体的にふつうのデスゲームで はないので、ぜひご期待ください」

Uchikoshi commented, “If I collaborate with Kodaka, fans would be expecting a death game. I also wanted to make a death game one more time.” However, according to Kodaka Death March Club would be the last death game they make. “We anticipate that this project will be the last death game from us.” Kodaka went on to say that the game will also bring something different to the “death game” genre. “I think this project will be something a little different than what you imagine upon hearing that it’s a ‘death game’. Overall, it’s not your average death game, so please look forward to it!”


イザナギゲー ムズは、どのような会社なのですか?

What kind of company is IzanagiGames?


IzanagiGames is a company focused on producing games by Japanese creators and bringing the games directly to the overseas markets. 


3つの会社がひとつになって 新たなゲーム作りに挑戦!

Three companies coming together as one to meet the challenge of making a new game!


開発の役割分担としては、Too Kyo Gamesがクリエイティブ及びシナリオ作成を仕切り、グランディングはグラフィックとプログラミング、イザナギゲームズがプロデュースを担当しています。
In the development of Death March Club, Too Kyo Games is responsible for the creative and scenario writing aspects, Grounding Inc. is providing technical work with graphics and programming, and IzanagiGames is producing the game.


In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye out for more news and updates regarding Death March Club!


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